Traveling Is Way Cheaper than You Think

Why should you travel around the world

People always want to know how much does it cost to travel the world and how on earth I’ve managed to travel for so long and to avoid getting a “real” job. Many people have the misconception that long-term travel is expensive, that it is more akin to a vacation — but that is most definitely not the case! Actually, in most cases, it can be cheaper to travel the world than stay home, as you’ll see in the travel expense report for three months of continuous travel below.

Traveling to places with great exchanges rations to the USD is one great way of traveling on the cheap.

The most important thing is to choose to camp instead of staying in a lodge. The luxury lodges cost about $50 – $200 per night, but you can camp at their campsites for about $8 – $10 per night. Camping at the government campsites will set you back about $15 – $18 per night. As for transportation, ideally you would want to rent a 4×4 and share it with a few people to split the cost. If your accommodation comes with a communal kitchen, make full use of it as cooking your own meals will definitely save you money. Entrance fees are generally cheap!

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